About Us!

Wall template samplePanella Walls is the brainchild of Architect and Engineer, Paul Youngborg. With the modern vision of “living off the grid,” becoming ever popular the worlds growing population Paul saw a need for easy, affordable, customizable housing. The Panella Walls customer is diverse: it is for the DIY’er, for the adventure seeker, for the individual that likes to take charge and for those looking to build their dream home how and where they want it!

The process is simple: we provide the templates for each wall of a home based off the housing plan of your choice. The templates provide step-by-step instructions. Think of our templates like a pattern to cut-out and sew a dress, only we are building walls. There are many ways to build our walls including using our easy wall panel table (see products), or simply building them on the ground.

If the Panella Walls format sparks your interest we hope you get in touch with us via our contact page. You can speak with Paul personally about your questions, comments, concerns and the first steps toward building your own Panella Project!


Paul & The Panella Walls Team

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